5 Pillars We Serve Vets

5 Pillars We Serve Vets



How do you experience Love?

As with all things in veteran life there is a need to address those who are directly in support of our clients every day. Within this pillar we focus on the spouse, children, and extended family members of our vets. We know they have more interaction with these individuals than anyone else and if we neglect that piece of their lives we’ll leave them to struggle the moment they leave our sight.

It is in the best interest of all stakeholders in a vet’s life to have the same game plan. How to live more fully and have a complete experience of growing together is why we spend so much time working on these specific relationship skills.



How to persevere?

Being prepared to face the day is what wellness is all about.

If we expect vets to be the leaders they were in the military, we must advance their personal wellness skills to adapt to their new normal. It is through mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial health that we bring a wholistic approach to their well being.

Empowerment is the goal and for each person the path may be different, this is why a whole person concept is reinforced and used to strengthen our vets as they grow.


From I don’t know to I want to go.

Bringing about the successful life outcomes we promote takes work. Some of this work is simply getting veterans engaged with an institution and enrolled into classes. Other times the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation program takes center stage.

Regardless of what benefit is utilized, we serve as the liaison between vets and the programs available to them. During the intake interview process all vets are offered the option to discover their path to education and a higher degree of knowledge that will create greater opportunities in life.


It takes a village.

With veterans that’s a no brainer approach to take. We put Community and Outreach near one another because it’s simply not going to work without both options on the table.

As a collaborative network of partner service providers and organizations, the team at Veterans LYFE Services is focused on leaving no stone unturned in providing the right resources to the veterans and veteran families we work with. No one organization can fulfill this need alone and we’re about sharing the load to carry it further.


Getting The Word Out!

It’s essential to us that we get in front of more faces in more places. This motto of Outreach is coupled by our Community concept so that the team we have built is multiplied by the diversity we each represent.

In our long term planning we have community business partners, other Veteran Service Organizations, as well as State and Federal resources to help vets find the solution that works for them. This is how we tailor fit our programs to vets on a case by case basis.