I love being able to bring amazingly strong Caregivers together. Thank you Veterans LYFE Services and The Elizabeth Dole Foundation for allowing me to do something I love!  It was an amazing event.  My first caregiver event.  The speakers were wonderful.  Their stories touched my heart.  Getting to know other caregivers and truly feeling like I was not alone, lifted me so much.  Being spoiled – a very sweet bonus!
–T. Sahleen, Caregiver for disabled veteran spouse

Eva was an integral part of identifying Veterans in need , donating gifts, food, clothes, rent money to Veterans in need for Christmas. Over the last 5 years we together have been able to help over 15 families in need in Christmas Eve.   Eva is always front and center whenever called upon to lend a hand with any Veteran/Military event. She truly has the heart of a Saint and has the passion to help the people who need it the most!
–Billy Alt, USMC Veteran

Veterans LYFE Services has helped my husband and our family more times than I can count. From help my husband get his rating information changed and a case going on and helping me as his caregiver in his emotional break down to getting us sponsored for Christmas when we’ve literally had the worst financial year our lives. I can honestly say that I have found a great community of friends and a family outside of my immediate family in Veterans LYFE services.
–J. Reed, Veteran Caregiver, US Navy

Working with Veterans LYFE Services has been the best way too serve the Veteran Community and working with Eva Secchiari and to see her passion to help veterans keeps me passionate to continue to work with Veterans LYFE Services.
–S. Farley, USMC Veteran

I am writing this to share the many fine qualities of Veteran LYFE Services.  I have had The pleasure of getting to know Eva Secchiari for a couple of years in various capacities, including the genuine concern that she has for our veterans community. She demonstrates unselfish support and her time and energy that she gives to the veterans.  I have had the opportunity to get to know and work close with Veterans LYFE Services and Eva, and I can say without a doubt that she is a person of very high moral character and operates with integrity and never allows her personal beliefs or personal feelings to interfere with her 100% commitment to helping the veterans and their families with their needs.
On a personal note it has been my pleasure and my honor to assist Eva  and helping her to pursue  her passion in serving our veterans and their family. I appreciate Eva, she is a great asset to our veterans community.
–Donna Lee., US Navy (Retired)